UrFU and Prosoft-Systems Successfully Developing Russian Power Industry


The equipment created is able to compete with the best world analogs

Ilyas Khusyainov spoke about successful cooperation between the company and UrFU. Photo: Christina Fedchenko.

The Russian power industry is able to successfully develop and match the world’s best examples in terms of efficiency. Moreover, innovative developments created by the Russian industry in close cooperation with scientists have a powerful export potential, as they are not inferior to, and in some respects even surpass foreign analogs. We are talking about customers not only from CIS countries, but also from far abroad.

A vivid example illustrating the highest technological capabilities of Russia in the field of power engineering, is the cooperation between the scientists of Ural Federal University and Prosoft-Systems engineering company. It is engaged in the development, supply and turnkey implementation of high-tech devices and automation systems for the energy industry. The company’s equipment and integrated solutions are successfully operating at the facilities of the largest energy and industrial corporations in Russia and abroad. Prosoft-Systems employs about 900 high-level specialists, more than half of whom are engaged in the development of new devices and systems.

“In our work, we cooperate closely with UrFU. Scientists of this university create innovative algorithms for our devices depending on the tasks,” says Ilyas Khusyainov, deputy director of Prosoft Systems’ R&D department. “Such cooperation allows to accelerate the development and implementation of the latest solutions at the power industry facilities, thus increasing its reliability and competitiveness on a global scale”.

The main goal of such cooperation is to increase technological efficiency and utilize domestic scientific potential in creating innovative products to solve specific production problems.

“Our solutions, which include industrial servers, multifunctional controllers, relay protection terminals and complex systems for power facilities management, are capable of replacing the best analogs produced abroad,” emphasizes Ilyas Khusyainov. “It is important that all this work is done under the Urals Interregional Research and Educational Center for Advanced Production Technologies and Materials. Cooperation with UrFU is constructive both in terms of personnel training in accordance with the latest trends and in terms of equipment and systems development”.