Head of Urals Federal District Meets with Rector of Ural Federal University

Vladimir Yakushev and Victor Koksharov discussed the development of UIREC technological projects


SUSU Youth Laboratory Sums Up First Year of Work

The research is conducted under the national project "Science and Universities"


Demonstration Vehicle for Atmosphere Re-entry Spacecraft Engine Tested in Nizhnyaya Salda

The engine consists of 16 rocket propulsion systems integrated into a single unit


"Green Polyurethane" production to be launched in Russia

A new technology developed by the Russian scientists will allow rejecting the need for the import of foreign supplies


Ural Region Universities Strengthen Cooperation in Education and Science

One of the most important collaborative projects is the launch of a joint Master’s degree network program


Laboratory to Create Eco-friendly Polyurethane to Open at South Ural State University

This will allow a wide range of products to be manufactured in the long term


Sverdlovsk Authorities to Cover Costs Associated with UIREC's Projects

₽ 200 m are expected to be allocated for this purpose by 2025


UIREC to Create Turnkey Educational Programs

The programs will perfectly comply with the requirements of potential employers


Ural Research and Education Center to Be Awarded a Grant of 119.4m Rubles

The funds will be used for the Center's key projects


Separator for Garbage Sorting Implemented in Belarus

Development of the university scientists allows to successfully filter plastic


Igor Manzhurov: "Our Projects Help Production in Import Substitution"

UIREC Director of Development spoke about the main areas of work


UrFU and Prosoft Systems to Reduce Number of Accidents in Electric Power Industry

The key to success is intelligent algorithms for processing synchronized vector measurements


Vladimir Yakushev: "Russia Needs its Own Technology More Than Ever"

This will guarantee the stability and development of the economy in today's situation


UIREC Participants Discuss Plans for the Next Three Years

The strategy session was attended by representatives of three regions