UrFU and Nika PetroTech Develop Cooperation


The agreement was signed by Victor Koksharov and Alexey Balashov

The strategic partnership agreement will enable further development and implementation of promising research and development projects. Photo: Vladimir Petrov, UrFU.

The interaction between the scientists of Ural Federal University and its partner enterprises keeps on developing successfully. Today, Victor Koksharov, Rector of the university, and Alexey Balashov, Managing Partner of Nika PetroTech, signed a strategic partnership agreement, which will allow to even more actively develop and implement in the shortest possible time promising R&D projects and import-substituting technologies for the production of critical chemicals in the real sector.

The partnership between the university and the company will continue and involve the implementation of joint R&D. The parties agreed to implement joint scientific, technological and engineering projects in the field of low-tonnage organic chemistry and practice-oriented educational programs (as part of the strategic project “Design and Technology of Functional Materials and Systems” of the Priority 2030 program). It will also simplify the process of involving undergraduate and graduate students in joint scientific and technological projects, as well as innovative R&D to create critically important chemical products.

“First of all, I would like to thank our partner for constructive cooperation,” Victor Koksharov noted at the signing ceremony. “This is a wonderful example of how the university’s interaction with an industrial partner in practice leads to the creation of innovative products that the RuRussian economy will benefit from. Thanks to joint efforts, we have already achieved very good results using the competencies of our scientists and the capabilities of Nika-PetroTech. It is only through joint efforts that we can create conditions for the development and implementation of advanced technologies. This increases the competitiveness of the economy and contributes to strengthening Russia’s technological independence”.

According to rector Koksharov, this work also has an impact on improving the quality of qualified personnel training.

“The center of import-substituting technologies of low-tonnage organic synthesis being created in UrFU is an excellent example of cooperation between science and business, a promising platform for the implementation of joint projects for technology development and scaling of chemical engineering processes for obtaining valuable chemical products,” Alexey Balashov says. “In the near future, we will offerer suggestions on the nomenclature of products for the work to start”.

Eduard Nikulnikov