Research by Ural Doctors and Engineers Presented in Sochi


Igor Manzhurov shared plans for the development of UIREC at the Congress of Young Scientists

Igor Manzhurov: “Regional support measures play an important role in the development of UIREC.” Photo: Julia Pozdnyakova.

Researchers from Ural Federal University have completed preclinical trials of osteointegrated implants for tubular bones in collaboration with the Kurgan-based enterprise “Sensor”. This is part of the project “Reconstructive Surgery and Express Implantation”, which is in the portfolio of the Ural Interregional Research and Educational Center for Advanced Production Technologies and Materials (UIREC).

The joint research of scientists and doctors from the Ilizarov Center, industrial partners, and universities was presented at the UIREC stand at the Congress of Young Scientists in “Sirius”, where the director for the development of the Center, Igor Manzhurov, talked about work plans and best regional practices on the day of the forum launch.

According to Manzhurov, the project, which is based on the possibilities offered by personalized medicine and aimed at restoring hand function in case of partial or complete loss of fingers using an original surgical technique and implanted structures, is one one of the examples of combining education, science, and industrial partners’ interests.

“Conducting research and creating designs is a crucial role for universities, which, in fact, to some extent perform the role of industry research institutes working in close cooperation with enterprises. They create programs for continuing education with the goal of implementation of technological projects because personnel training is also among the top priorities,” explained Manzhurov.

Confirmation of this, according to the director for development of UIREC, are the results of projects by UrFU with Rosatom State Corporation, UOMP (“Rostech”), KUMZ, and NTMK, at South Ural State University those are the Arctic bus and the creation of a demonstrator of a power plant with a central body for a reusable rocket carrier.

“Regional support measures play an important role in the development of the Center, considering that it was created at the initiative of three regions and is essentially interregional. At the same time, we understand how important it is for enterprises to feel on the ground that their projects and personnel are in demand in their home region,” added Igor Manzhurov.

In Sverdlovsk region, 100 million rubles are allocated annually by the governor’s decision to reimburse enterprises for R&D costs for UIREC projects, and in Chelyabinsk region, eight Center’s projects are supported for three years, which will cost 169 million rubles.

The 3rd Congress of Young Scientists is a key annual event of the Decade of Science and Technology in Russia. It takes place in Sochi until November 30 with the participation of dozens of representatives from Ural universities and academic institutions, industrial partners.